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SPORT FOR TOLERANCE ‘Youth in Action’ Programme Action 2.
1.Schola GSB 2011-Romania
2.Asociacion of Parents for Suporting Talents-Brazil
3.Orissa State Volunteers and Social Workers Associacion-India
4.Les Francas Federation de L’Ain-France.
5.YAP Zonguldak-Turkey
Period of the project: 1 June 2014-1 June 2015
SUMMARY: The project “Sport for tolerance” has as main purpose to aware the young people about the benefits of sport, as way for a healthy lifestyle. This will be done using practical methods of non formal education. The project aims to highlight the importance of associating the sport with spending the free time and to encourage the active participation of young people in society. Through the project activities, we aim to promote healthy behaviors by promoting the practice of outdoor activities as a means for a healthy lifestyle. Also, through the project activities, we aim to encourage the young people to participate actively in the community in which they live through activities based on voluntary. The project encourages also the social inclusion of young people with disabilities, by the fact that two members of the implementation team are facing sight deficiencies and one is facing social problems. It will be encouraged the participation of young people with medical problems and of those with economic problems because they, being disadvantaged, do not have access in the everyday life to education and training programs for a healthy lifestyle. The places of project activities implementation will be local communities in Dragasani and Ramnicu Valcea (Romania). “Sport for tolerance” is an EVS group project, which will involve eight volunteers from Brazil, India, Turkey and France. The specific objectives of the project are: – promoting sense of tolerance and respect for diversity through sport activities. – promoting social inclusion, active participation and a healthy lifestyle through sports and outdoor activities. -establishment of a network of organizations from Europe-Asia and South America, which will provide examples of good practices in the implementation of sport activities for young people. The 8 volunteers will implement for 12 months activities as: making promotional materials, media campaign, sports workshops, intercultural evenings.
The role and the tasks of the volunteers:
1. Realization of info materials about promoting a healthy lifestyle through sports and outdoor activities. The work will be implemented in two groups, and the volunteers supported by ASG staff will make video and audio materials, flyers, stickers, posters. All these materials created in the first month of the EVS stage will be uploaded on the project website and will presented in the regional media and in the VTV and Valcea 1 televison and promoted in the online social media: facebook.
2. Street actions to promote sport and outdoor activities. This activity will be realized as a media campaign which will run for 2 months, in Dragasani and Rm Valcea. Within the project` activities, the volunteers will learn how to conduct a media campaign using nonformal education methods as: street animation, flash mob, world cafe, debates and worksops with young people from schools and young people from Roma communities. Also during this period will be promoted youth clubs of ASG where young people can participate in sport and outdoor activities.
3. Implementation of the sport and outdoor activities trough 3 thematic activities: · 10 reasons to make sport: the volunteers will coordinate sport activities as tennis, football, football-golf, in ASG youth centers. · How to spend the free time in a creative way: the volunteers will coordinate workshops and sport contests · Open air + sport = health: the volunteers will coordinate sport activities as: jogging, trips, ice skating etc..
4. Realization of a theater play using forum theater method, which will promote the movement and the sport.
5. Realization of a magazine (Sport for tolerance) which will promote the movement and the sport.
6. Intercultural activities, where the volunteers will promote the own traditions throuh intercultural evenings, quizz about UE, videos produced in their countries. Profile of volunteers: – Young people between 18-26 years old – Able to spent 1 year abroad. – Able to work in teams. Practical aspects: The EVS stage will be adapted to the learning needs of volunteers and will done an individualized learning plan for each volunteer, taking into account the desirability of each volunteer. Each volunteer will participate by pleasure to the EVS stage, as there is no compulsion regarding participation in the EVS activities. The EVS stage is not treated as such a job, because the volunteers will work by pleasure and will not get financial benefits for the voluntary work done.
The volunteers will work 5 hour per day, every day from Monday to Thursday. On Friday, they will also work 6 hours, of which 2 hours will be dedicated to the course of Romanian and other 4 hours to the weekly feedback, weekly evaluation, personalized learning plan update and preparation of the activities for the next week.
On Saturdays and Sundays there will be days off, in which the volunteers will participate in cultural events and will travel to discover other places in Romania. Except on Saturdays and Sundays, the volunteers will have two days off per month on their choise and will get days off in accordance with Romanian law (December 1st , 24th of January, 1st of May, 24th of June) and will be in holiday according to the structure of the universitar year. So the volunteers will have winter vacation between 22nd of December 2013- 6th of January, 2014, spring vacation (1 week in April 2014), 2 weeks summer holidays in July 2014..
The acommodation of volunteers will be done in two apartements rented within Bratianu Technologic high from Dragasani. Each apartment is equipped with two bedrooms, bathroom and kitchen. The kitchen is equipped with everything necessary for cooking meals by itself. The appartments are equipped with TV cable and internet. Considering that the project will attended by 4 volunteers from which 2 girls and 2 boys, each volunteer will have their own room in the apartments. The volunteers will receive at the beginning of the month a fixed amount for buying food, having possibilities to cook themselves.
About the host city Drăgășani is a town located in Vâlcea county, Romania. It is located at the southern boundary of the County, on the terraces on the right side of Olt River, 53 km far from Râmnicu Vâlcea. DN64 highway links Dragasani directly to Caracal and Sibiu municiples and by deviation of Slatina and Craiova.
Also, through DN67B the city is linked by the municipales TârguJiu and Pitești, continuing with the A1 towards Bucharest
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